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Searching for Undelivered Messages

The Spectrum Agent may be enabled by management to search for accounts with undelivered messages. Once located, the undelivered messages can be reviewed to ensure they were processed correctly.

Shortcut Menu

Searching for Undelivered "IF" & Non-Blank  Locates

Spectrum Agent can also be scanned to present accounts with either an IF message or non-blank Special Locate Instructions area. This includes Expanded Locates.

From “ Standby” state and blank screen:

Reviewing Messages

At a single pre-determined Spectrum Agent with an active account on screen:

Viewing the Saved Messages List

As changes or modifications are made to messages, SDM retains a copy of the original message (before changes were made) on the Save Message List. This feature can be enabled/disabled on a per account basis.

To view the Save Messages List

Undelivered Message Status Saved Message Status

Accessing Retained Messages

Agents have access to 200, 000 Retained message for accounts. Each account can automatically have its Delivered message moved to the “Retained” area for long-term storage. An agent can access these messages for an account w/ a caller on-line or not.
With an account active on screen:

Undelivered Message Status

Acting on The "Incomplete" Message Prompt

There is a pre-defined limit on the number of incomplete messages that the system will buffer on a system-wide basis. When “Incomplete” messages are present a prompt will flash in black in the pending area denoting the total number of incomplete messages residing at that console. Incomplete messages can occur if an agent, while entering a message, answers an incoming call before [FILE]ing the current message.
An Incomplete message can also be created by pressing the [SAVE] key while in the “Entering Msg” state before the [FILE] key is pressed.
When the “Incomplete” message prompt flashes, from "Standby,":

To Flip Thru the Incomplete Message Stack:

Creating/Editing/Deleting Expanded Locate Information (ELI)

An Expanded Special Locate Instructions area (ELI) can be accessed, providing an additional 431 characters to input more information relating to Special Locates.
To Display and Create an ELI:

Delete current Expanded Locate Information

While in the “Standby” state:

The ELI stamp will be updated and the flashing arrow prompt will be removed.