Operator Resources

Operator Reference

Communication Center Fax:  814-432-7500  or  888-329-4336

Email Addresses:

Pager, fax, email, or text trouble: View Messaging Trouble under the references menu. 

Long Distance Trouble: In Spectrum Agent, use the "Talk4" dial out lines or use 7,8 on the land line phone at your station.

Call Forwarding a Land Line - There are 2 different ways

Call Forwarding a Cell Phone:

Cell phones are forwarding using the SETTINGS menu on the phone. Each cell phone is different, so the client will have to get the directions that are specific to their phone. If the client is unable to locate the directions, ask the client to call their cellular provider to assist them.

        If DB rings busy :Try the 800# work around. Dial 1800-724-8208, then the pager number, then the call back number.