My Message Center

Status of Delivered Messages

Code Discription
PT A message transmitted to an Alpha Pager using a Page ticket
Blank    Message was manually delivered
PD Failed Auto-transmit to an alpha that was down-filed F a faxed msg
X (on left) Msg was printed/archived P Page tickets attached to msg
S The original of a message that has been saved/edited
L A Special Locate that was edited or deleted
R (Highlighted) Message Reviewed and marked C A Patch ticket
H (Highlighted) Message was delivered and held D A Dispatch ticket
X (on the right) A message transmitted to Remote Printer
R A System Reminder down-filed
E A message set to an email address I IF message was delivered
Y A message was printed/archived and agent recorded
T A message transmitted to an Alpha Page
A A “No Message” Message ticket V A Voice Recorded message

Shortcut Pop-Up Window

Located along the right side of the Spectrum Agent window is a shortcut menu.

Button Action
System Displays the System Status Window Shortcut Menu
Queue Displays the Call Queue window
Search Displays the Directory Search window
Subs Displays a list of Sub-Accounts (if present)
History Displays the list of Recent Calls handled
Browser Opens the Spectrum Browser window
Undelvr Performs a search for accounts with undelivered messages present
Loc/IF Performs a search for accounts with IF messages and non blank Locates
Remind Create a new reminder or display pending reminders
Alert Create a new Account Alert or edit an existing Account Alert
Start Start Recording
Stop Stop Recording
Rewind Allows operator to rewind previous recording
Dial Initiates on Out-dial
Patch Initiates a Patch
Hold Places the active call on ‘Hold’
Pri-Hold Places the active call on ‘Priority Hold’ only on the acting agent
Transfer Initiates a transfer of the active call to another agent
Clear Removes the active call from the agent (hang-up
Stats Displays the Operator Information window
On/Off Initiates the Sign-On/Sign-Off sequence.