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Getting and Installing the Vpn Client

First, Download the VPN Client VPN Client

Click Here Enter your user name and password, select Login from the Dorpdown list then download your profile (Yourself (user-locked profile)) found at the bottom of the page

Once the file is downloaded select Import File from the OpenVpn Cleint. Once the Profile is imported, login to the VPN normally.

Next download the Softphone at: Softphone

Next Download Remote Support

Once you have downloaded and installed all the applications you will need run the RemoteSupport application, call the office and ask for assistance completing the remaining configuration

Logging In

After the installation is complete, use the Username and password provided to login to the VPN, start the softphone which you should have previously installed and configured using the information provided to you, login to the Terminal Server using Remote Desktop Connection, start the Agent program and start answering client calls.

Below you will find a brief description of how to use the VPN Client.

Back-up VPN Connection